Software Development

Our development team stays at the leading edge of the most recent advances in technology. We bring our skills to the table so that your company can reap the benefits.

Management Information System Development

MIS designed at developed by 99ifs will presents information in custom formats to different users at various levels of your company related to strategic, tactical and operational for effective usage of information for decision making. Consult our MIS Developers to discuss how our development services will help you.

Point of Sales & Billing System Development

POS software development is one of the demanding after services in the recent time. We have used methods that streamline the design,  structure, and POS software development, which are tailor made according to your business. Efficiency in your billing process is key to have a positive impact on cash flow in your business. Fast, efficient invoicing vastly reduces the margin for error compared to manually processing invoices from scratch. Consult with our PoS and Billing system software developers now to discuss how our development services will help you.

Hotel Management System Development

Our Hotel Management System customized for your business will offer you simple and quick computerization that involves less costing and training. We design the system for better functionality consuming very less resources. Consult our Hotel Management System Developers to discuss how our development services will help you.

Inventory Control System Development

As your businesses grow, spreadsheets prove to be inadequate to keep detailed track of your products, sales, orders invoices, etc. Manage and edit all the inventory functions efficiently and complete your daily operations quickly and easily with a robust, custom solution. Consult our Inventory Control System Developers to discuss how our development services will help you.

Customized Desktop Applications Development

We can help you turn your software idea into the functional software itself whether it is for your personal use or business use. We offer platform-specific and cross-platform desktop application development services. Consult our desktop app developers to discuss how our development services will help you.